Beets health benefits proves to be a sword for all maladies

beets health benefits

Beet root is basically an instance of an adaptation in plants. They are modified roots and stores starch in it. The colour of this vegetable itself is luring but beets health benefits shall actually leave you awestruck. You shall be wondering, how such a peppercorn vegetable can be of such reimbursements. An absolute choice of all vegans is now turning into the favourite vegetable of non-vegetarians as well. All the credits goes the nature for showing its opulence through this great vegetable that grows underground in the laps of mother earth.

Mothers earth shows her granduer through beets

The wealth of nature can be gauged by looking beyond the city lights. Beets are a true blessing of nature for human beings to improve their health. Rich in minerals and vitamins, beets contain dietary fibres also. The vitamins and minerals help in growth, development and building immunity to the human body. The fibres help in digestion and hence they are beneficial in keeping the digestive system balanced. They also reduce the unwanted cholesterols, and hence control the blood pressure.

The valour of beets does not end here. It stimulates one’s mental condition and is also used in the cure of depression. To enumerate all beets health benefits, a bard shall be needed to compose a long ballad.

A medley of beets health benefits

The nutritional gain of beet root can be enumerated in the following:

1. It is rich in nutrients and hence including beets in your diet shall enable an overall boost of vital nutrients in the body.
2. It cures obesity, heart disease, and has positive effect on hair and skin. Beet root is also believed to enhance one’s skin complexion.
3. Externally it can be applied in pasted form or mixed with curd, as face pack or for application on skin for cleansing, toning and moisturizing of skin.
4. Beet root has fibres in ample amount, and so improves digestion.
5. Its rich in anti-oxidants and so without a second thought, it is a good anti-ageing agent.
6. Choline, a vital nutrient in beet root reduces inflammation of muscles and joints, facilitating their easy movement.
7. Studies have proved that consumption beet shall keep you mentally healthy. It helps you to de-stress.

Incorporation of beet in your diet

By this time you would have been wonder struck by beets health benefits. So soon decide to inculcate the habit of consuming beet regularly. It can be eaten after boiling along with other vegetables like bottle gourd, snake gourd, tomato and so on. It makes up for delicious cutlets. It can be consumed in fruit salads also. Or stuff it into your favourite sandwich and have a healthy breakfast. Or you can drink the beet root juice too, to obtain its health benefits.

So, why delay? Declare it to your family and friends about your recent discovery of this wonderful modified root. Slot in it in your diet, live a healthy life.